Because we live in California and California has a "Roster of Approved Handguns," all handguns MUST be submitted to the California Department of Justice for approval for sale. So far, so good. However, because California now requires "Micro Stamping," a technology that does not exist, nor will it ever, as far as manufacturers are concerned, any new or changed handgun must use this so called "Micro Stamping." See the catch-22?

 Requiring micro stamping is a simple way for California to get around the Second Amendment! Slick! Why follow the guidelines setforth in the Bill of Rights 227 years ago when you don't have to! Politicians hate the Second Amendment because the people lining their pockets hate the Second Amendment.


As such, when Colt moved their manufacturing facilites a couple years ago, that constituted a "change" to the State of California. Colt would have to start all over with the approval process. Oops! Can't do that because of micro stamping. Hence, no more Colt's in California!


Sorry for the long-winded rant. I just thought you should know if you came to this page looking for a Colt.